Welcome !

Three Ways Ltd. was established in 2000 as an International Freight Forwarder in Japan. We have been trying to offer good service to the customers such as Consulting, quick arrangement for Customs Clearance, Pickup and Delivery. We’re always trying to talk with the customers as much as possible, supporting and advising them the best way.
We are sure that makes very good relationship with the customers and when we gain trust, both we/our partners and the customers are able to expand the business more. We have handled various shipments or special items from all over the world for the past 20 years.
New products will be born with the time, and we believe that we might have a lot of chances to meet new items, new customers and new partners in the future.
We’ll continue to challenge ourselves.


Import / Custom Clearance / Delivery
For the speed transport which connects cities in the world, we TWL handles “Air-shipment”.
We provide the safe and reliable service by abundant capacity and know-how.
Please use us for your paper-documents between companies who are related parts and PC components etc.,


Sea Shipment : Faster, more exactly, more safely to each place over the world.
Please feel to call us if you have some question regarding shipment procedure, transport means, or some various circumstances of the countries you export.


Air Shipment : faster, more exactry, more safely to each place over the world.
We provide “Air-Shipment” for speedy transport connecting cities in all over the world.
We also provide the safe and accurate service with abundant skill and knowledge.
Please use us for documents or parts related to IC between clients. We have a wide range of dealing PC equipments or clothes.


We take outsourcing on behalf of clients for clearance-service on export and import.
Declartion toward customs-clearance for export/import official organizations.
Playing and revising Tariff / consumptive tax / exceeding tax / declaring adding-tax on behalf of clilents.
Billing tariff, declaring revision, reducing tariff, adapting the system regarding duty-free.